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Hi, I’m Ella, a young homeowner and Finance Consultant. I created Paper & Sweat because I know how hard it is to get financially ahead in this day and age. I hope that through sharing my own thoughts and experiences you all can learn and implement easy day-to-day changes. Don’t worry this isn’t your typical newspaper story about young people buying houses. Being 24 myself, I know that we’ve also got plenty of other fun we need to fit in our lives.

So, how did I get here? My journey began at Victoria University where I graduated with a Degree in Accounting & Commercial Law, at which during this time I worked for the NZ-born company Xero. l then moved onto working as an Accountant in one of NZ’s top accounting firms. These steps, plus lots of hard saving positioned me to purchase my first property at the age of twenty-one. Soon enough I had a second monetary goal, and I purchased my second property 18 months later. Day-to-day I’m a Mortgage and Insurance Specialist with one of NZ’s top banks, but I’ve got a side passion. I want to educate other young Kiwi’s so they can reach their goals, but still enjoy the freedoms of being young, dumb, and not broke.

Follow along as I try to navigate having my avo on toast while still paying a mortgage.