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It's Time to Cut the Bullsh*t

It's Time to Cut the Bullsh*t

A few friends have mentioned they've read life hacks 101 but they still fall into the category of “I spend too much”. If you want the cold hard truth, have a read below.

Take lunch to work

It may seem simple, but boy oh boy, count up how many people in your office purchased their lunch today. Accountants are the exception to this rule, they are bean counters by nature.

If you’re already in the habit of making your own lunch, or taking leftovers from last night’s dinner, then kudos to you. Now and then treat yo self – but only if you can justify it with a social event or catch up with mates.

Another key point is to get in a routine. It’s becoming clear that us Millennials are time poor. Instead of getting caught up in the raw, vegan cafe strategically placed at the gym, get your meal prep in order. Pro tip: Oats, they are cheap and convenient, leave them at work for a fast, cheap, delish brekky at your desk! The Healthy Hunter blog is a fave of mine for Meal Plans that are scrumptious and easy!

Value every dollar

Every dollar counts. If you’re a real coffee snob bring your coffee brew of choice to work, try a plunger or an Aeropress then grab some fresh coffee beans from your local roastery. Better again, walk yourself to the office kitchen and brew yourself a delicious Moccona - it’s not all bad. Side note, a $5 coffee every workday will cost you $1,300 per year.

What’s your transport

Riding a bike isn’t as embarrassing as back at school days, especially if you live in a good proximity to work! Consider your proximity when signing your next flat, or job contract. Car costs can also burn a hole in your back pocket. No one ever lost their job by asking for a company car or car park, it’s already a no until you ask. Then we have public transport, a cheap and environmentally friendly option. If none of these options suit, walk an extra 10 minutes and opt for free parking.

Carpooling with a friend is always an option. You could even commit to doing some form of exercise after work, killing two birds with one stone. It’s proven if you’ve got someone to workout with then you're less likely to flake!


Talking about working out, you might have already picked, I’m a big fan of it. However, paying $66 per week to have an F45 Membership is the definition of simply spending too much, if you don’t have the funds to spend. If you do love the gym, review your membership and look for a cheaper option.

An even better option, grab some mates, head to the park and get sweaty for free. It’s a great workout and also ticks off a social gathering.

Some FREE apps I also recommend: Nike Training Club, Nike Running Club and Boho Beautiful (yoga).

Netflix & Spotify, grab your parents phone, set them up with a family membership and your away laughing. Alternatively share accounts with friends! It sounds small and simple but remember every dollar counts.

Cut it down or give it up

Wine, beer, smokes. Indulge but not every day. If your at the bar do drink for drink, one alcoholic and alternate with a soda and lime. This technique will also leave you feeling fresh the next day! Pro Tip: if you are going out for the eve, leave your card at home and take cash only.


Concerts, movies, etc. Give yourself a weekly entertainment budget and once it’s gone, it’s gone.  If you know there’s an event coming up at the end of the month, make sure you put a bit of your weekly spending allowance away to cater for this.

Clothes & Beauty

It’s ok to not have the most recent designer clothes. Try cutting down to a new item of clothing each month instead of when you find something you like. If you do find something you like, use the 5 day rule - where you have to wait 5 days to see if you do really need it.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the doco “The Minimalist” this will make you rethink your next purchase!

Meat-free Mondays

Follow the trend of meat-free Mondays. Meat is costly, so try aim for vego days. You’ll be surprised by how much your supermarket bill drops and also your dining out experiences.  Recently I’ve been cutting back costs by shopping at Bin Inn (Stanmore Road for CHCH peeps) and Fruit & Veggie Shops (Marshlands Road in CHCH). Whatever is in season, is super cheap!

Live with people

You’ve got the rest of your life to live in your big old home, behind the white picket fence. Have more fun and grab some flatmates. Sharing expenses and rent will be a huge saver for you. If you want to go all out, there’s no shame in moving home for a while. You won’t regret it when you’ve got enough funds to head overseas or buy your new home! When the time comes to your new home, and new mortgage there will be a few financial changes. Why not get some friends in to help with your mortgage repayments and share your expenses. Stay tuned for more to come on ways to pay off your mortgage!

These are a few of my go to’s when I find times are tough. Some may seem small, but added up over a year or two, they can save you a fair chunk!


  • The Healthy Hunter Blog - excellent meal plans
  • Free Exercise - Nike Training Club - app store
  • Share your Netflix & Spotify Accounts
  • Shop at Fruit and Vegetable Shops and Bin Inn type stores.
  • Stick to your Spending Planner: download here
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