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31 Day Money Challenges

31 Day Money Challenges

By now you’ve probably realised how much importance I put on goal setting. 

To begin I’ve put myself up for A 31— Day Challenge and hope that you all join me. This March is going to be “Make Your Own March”

Make Your Own March has been and gone — but the importance of setting a money challenge should not be overlooked. Setting a challenge for 31 days is a great way to refresh your spending habits!

In March 2018, Paper & Sweat did Make–Your–Own–March. It went a bit like this:

The intensity of this is really up to you and how much you are wanting to save. For me, I’m going all out. This means I have to make every meal for 31 days – including coffee! That means, no takeaways, no dining out, no buying lunches, or brunches. Obviously there are exceptions, if you have a birthday dinner for your best friend – then find the #balance. Or if you’ve got an all important client lunch and you go out for lunch then no stress. This is more aiming at the unnecessary spending such as a hungover Sunday or a missing meal prep Monday.

The thought of this challenge is extremely daunting but I’ve come up with a few resources below that can help us make it through.

To begin, how far do you want to take this? What is burning a big hole in your back pocket? Is it drinks at your local watering hole? Is it lunches and coffees? Take a look at your spending template and see what your highest monthly cost is and let’s try tackle that.


The Partial Committer:

You want to join, but you also don’t want to flake after a few days. My advice to you is to give up your brew of choice. Fact: if you were to purchase a $5 coffee, every workday for a whole year, you are burning $1,300 per year –That’s over $100 per month. That’s also not adding in a Saturday morning caffeine fix either. Perhaps treat yourself to one brew per week, and make it as a weekend treat! The weekends do come around very quick! Pro Tip from Sam (24, Auckland, Accountant) she loves her cafe coffee, but only allows herself to buy it if she’s made dinner the night before + enough for lunch leftovers that day.

The Bad Habit Kicker:

Is there something that burns a few more dollars than your brew of choice. Is it your gym membership (commit to 31 days of free exercise), is it smoking - give it up for 31 days or cut down to half of what you are purchasing currently — use the spending template to make yourself accountable for those cigarettes. Do you spend too much of your hard earned money on clothing? Put yourself on a 31 Day ban and if you have a lot already in your wardrobe try clear an item out per day — take it to Recycle Boutique Clothing or use Designer Wardrobe.

The 31 Day Fanatic:

The category I fall into for the next month. No lunches, dinners, coffees or takeaways. Take it one step further and add a health kick, how about no processed foods purchased from the supermarket. Or even better again,  only purchase fresh produce from fruit and vege shops — so much cheaper! Pro Tip from Emma (24, Auckland, My Food Bag Nutritionist) she only purchases seasonal vege for the gains in nutrients as the soils are richer and the produce is local. Even better, they are cheaper! Nice one Em!

Completing a 31 Day Challenge, no matter the intensity of it is excellent for personal development. It also gives you  a sense of accomplishment plus a habit or two could have been broken during this month! Convince a couple of mates to come on board with you so you can hold each other accountable.

Home Start Grant + Kiwisaver — Free Money!

Home Start Grant + Kiwisaver — Free Money!

The Importance of Financial Goal Setting

The Importance of Financial Goal Setting