Here’s a bunch of resources that I refer to throughout my posts. I've used all of these to help with my productivity and reach goals. Give them a try!

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Spending Template

Where is your money going and how much could you be saving? Download your choice of template and follow the instructions listed. 

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Increase My Kiwisaver

KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative which is primary for your first home or retirement. Minimum contributions are 4% of your wages. Bump this up to 8% and you'll be in your first home before you know. 

Kiwisaver, Savings, First Home Buyer, Home Loans, 

Home Start Grant Pre-Approval

Your pre-approval for the Home Start Grant usually takes five working days from application. There are a few bits and pieces that you'll need for this which include: payslips, identification,  KiwiSaver Contribution Statement (MY IRD) and proof of  earnings (also MY IRD). The application can be done online via the link below. 

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MY IRD - How Much Have I Earned 

To receive the Home Start Grant you need to earn less than $85,000 as an individual, or $130,000 if there are two of you purchasing the home. To see your earnings for the past twelve months:

  • Log onto your My IRD (link below), 
  • Under '$ Account Information' click on 'Salary & Wages'
  • This will default to show your current tax years earnings information (not required)
  • Select the 'earnings last 12 months' tab
  • Click on 'Save/Print', Save as PDF to be emailed
Kiwisaver, Savings, First Home Buyer, Home Loans, Savings, Spending, Mortgages, Superannuation

KiwiSaver - Have I Contributed Enough

To receive the grant there is a minimum allowable percentage of your total income that needs to be contributed over three years. To see if your eligible follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the KiwiSaver Website (link below)
  • Click in ‘MyKiwiSaver
  • Login using your IRD Online Services user name and password
  • Select ‘View Transactions
  • Click on the drop down box to select ‘Deductions from Salary/Wages
  • Change the start date to ‘1st July 2007’ (default date for the KiwiSaver scheme)
  • Apply filter
  • Click ‘view all pages’ then print



Net Worth 

  • Assets (what your own) less Liabilities (what you owe)
  • An important calculation to do each month to see if your Assets are increase & your Liabilities are decreasing 
  • A negative net worth is fine, especially if you haven't been in the workforce for long and have a student loan

30 Day Challenge

  • Have an expense that's burning a hole in your back pocket? 
  • Commit to a 30 Day Challenge and go without
  • Print out this poster today and hold yourself accountable